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Oh Those Memories

That we do not really have. Because these photos are most likely to be older than you are. However, they do remind us of the good old times that we never really lived. They show us the places we know, but in a completely different


Brew: A Tea Pub

Brew might be coming to London soon. It should be a pub which will only serve tea during the day and tea coctails during the night. The idea behind this pub is to change the tradition. Because there are lots of people who enjoy drinking


Do You Know Plart?

Have you ever heard about Plart? Yes? No? Probably not. It is rather new. Plart is a hyper-realistic plate art. And the point of it is in painting food on the plates so that it looks realistic. Just like this slice of pizza. Hmm…I would


What Happens After Graduation

Those of you freshly graduated, congratulations! You have made it through the easiest part of your life. And now, the real life begins. And the questions are coming from all directions. Some of them are less pleasant than others, but none of them really make


The Best Affiliate Marketing Definition Online

Real-world business Trying to start a new business on your own can be problematic if you have never done anything on the Internet before. It’s not the same as starting a real-world business, one that requires you to have a physical location where customers can


Blind People: How They See Race?

You would probably think that race is just the problem of us, people who can see. But the truth is, blind people come across this problem too. Whether you believe it or not, blind people perceive race in the same way the rest of us


What It Is Like To Be Married

Most of the newlyweds have big expectations for their marriage. But some of them are also very scared of the unknown and listening to your friends and your family telling you about their marital problems is really not helping them to feel better. If you