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Teachers Being Honest

Teachers are not doing an easy job, you know. Dealing with kids and their parents can sometimes suck, but you probably know that. Just think about the way you treated your teachers when you were in school. Do you think that if you were your

When You Want To Do Something For Yourself

I bet that from time to time you get that feeling that you should do something with you life, right? Some change. Something you would feel good about. And sometimes, you manage to make a change. However, you always set your goals so high, that

Employees In Call Centers

Do you still remember the times when you were a student? When you were willing to do any kind of job just to earn some money that you later spent on alcohol and fun? Well, I bet that you do. And I bet that you

Why Dating Is Terrible

So you are single again. And you do not want to be anymore. Which means that you have to be dating, right? Because without dating, you will not find a partner. It is simply necessary. And you have to deal with it. Even though dating

Teen Seeing Encyclopedias For The First Time

Do you remember encyclopedias? You know, those huge books with lots of pictures and lots of information in it. They used to be quite popular and very interesting indeed. However, now they have been replaced with internet. And it is no wonder. Because it is

Do You Know What 100 Calories Looks Like?

Calories. Everyone talks about them and everyone counts them. But do we really know how to do that? There is a certain number of calories that we should eat per day and this number is important mainly for those wo are struggling to lose or