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Things That Make Your Relationship Strong

Do you know what the things that make a relationship work are? Well, if you do not, then let´s have a look at it together, shall we? Honesty – if you and your boyfriend are not honest with each other, your relationship can hardly last

The Types Of Dates That Guys Hate

Okay, at first, let´s make it clear. We are not talking about every single guy. It may be possible that your boyfriend are going to be perfectly fine with any of the date that I am listing below, however, it is very unlikely. Just so

Who Gives The Best Dating Advice?

How do you feel about receiving advice on dating? Do you believe that we should or should not listen to other people telling us how to deal with our relationships? Or do you think that we should rather do what we feel is right and

Still In Love But Breaking Up?

We break up for many reasons. Mostly it is because we stop loving each other, or when someone cheats on us. And it is not that hard to break up with someone once you do not have feelings for the person, however, it is much

What It Is Like To Be Married

Most of the newlyweds have big expectations for their marriage. But some of them are also very scared of the unknown and listening to your friends and your family telling you about their marital problems is really not helping them to feel better. If you

Can You Guess What These Wedding Dresses Are Made Of?

The proof that you can make clothes out of everything is in these wedding dresses that are made of toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper. The one you use when… Well, never mind, you all know. These dresses were not made for actual wedings, of course,

Why Is Having A Dog Better Than Having A Relationship

Some people say that puppy love is stronger than people love. And to be honest, it could be the truth. Have you ever though how easy life would be if instead of having a boyfriend or a girlfriend we were having dogs? Imagine all your

The Rock Surprised His Friend With Wedding

How would it make you feel if your role model was to officiate your wedding? Surprised? Thrilled? Excited? Probably. What if you did not know about your wedding up until five minutes before it was to begin? Well, girls would not like it. But I

The Word Mother And Its Meaning

The word we learn to say first, or the word that most of us learn to say first is definitely “mother”. Or maybe mom, mommy, or something like that. The meaning, however, does not change. At least, not while we are children. But as the