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The Word Mother And Its Meaning

The word we learn to say first, or the word that most of us learn to say first is definitely “mother”. Or maybe mom, mommy, or something like that. The meaning, however, does not change. At least, not while we are children. But as the

This Video Shows How Easy It Is To Abduct A Child

Child abduction is a big issue today. Many children are abducted every day all around the world and the fact is that even though you think that your child is safe, the truth is, you never know. We all learn our children that they should

Guys Answering Awkvard Questions

If there is anything that you have ever wanted to ask your boyfriend or male friend but you were simply too ashamed to do so, well, you do not have to. All the questions, and the answers to them, are here. Seriously. Because, we all

Reality Or Photoshop?

We often wish we were skinnier, had whiter teeth or bigger boobs. But is using a photoshop on your photos a solution? Is it helping you or harming you? Knowing that the person that is on the photo is really not who you are? It

Sad? This Will Cheer You Up!

Are you feeling low? Well, we all have worse days from time to time. Life is like that, once you are up and once you are down. We all know that such a depression can last for a really long time and sometimes can have

What Happened Last Night?

Oh those Friday nights! And Saturday mornings after, you know what I mean. The best case scenario, you only have a slight hangover. But what if you have had too many coctails? You will probably end up picking up the pieces of what happened on

Are You Eating In Front Of Your Computer?

Do you belong to the people who are simply just too lazy to leave the computer even when they are eating. This article is addressed to you. Well, let´s just be honest, most of us do this. Some regularly, some just occasionally. Here are some

If You Are A Plus-Sized, You Will Love This!

There is still a long journey ahead of us, when it comes to plus-size fashion. Or, rather fashionable plus-size clothing. And the truth is that there is many of us that have issues with their body shape and that do not look exactly like supermodels

This Is Your Brain On Drugs

If you ever wondered how you might feel doing particular types of drugs. Well, suppossing you are a person just like me – who has never tried anything – apart from alcohol. This series of pictures depicts every drug and the feeling you get when