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The New Crush Of Your Friend

So your friend has a new crush. Awesome! Would you like to know how it is going to change your life? Well, then continue reading and you will find out. First of all, you will be excited for your friend, like really excited, because you

French Waffles! The New Breakfast!

I am not sure whether this is the most genius thing I have ever seen or the absolutely worst thing. Well, the only thing that is sure is that this is the most unhealthy breakfast that you can eat. Or not, well, perhaps we can

People Who Hate Cats Vs. Kittens

There are people who love cats. And these people usually own at least one. Or two, perhaps even three. Well, in fact, they are mostly women. Single women. But that is not important. Because not everyone loves cats. Some people hate them. And believe me,

How To Become A Landlord

If you thought that being a landlord is easy you were wrong! It is not, it takes training and preparation. Because if you did not prepare well enough you would end up being a very good landlord. Too good. And your tenants would use it

You Have To See This Cute Elephant!

OMG! This is the best thing that you can see right now on the internet! Seriously! Just quit whatever you are doing right now, take a moment and watch this video! Because it is the best thing you can do, especially if you feel sad,