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Category Archives: Love is in the air!

Struggle with our sex life

My boyfriend and I had been struggling with our sex life since we first got together. At first, it didn’t bother me so much. I loved him for who he was, I loved everything else about our relationship. But we started dating in our early

A Needy Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend jealous or needy? Well, every boyfriends is a little jealous. We all know that. But how do you know when the jealousy becomes a serious isue? Well, watch out for these signs and if you think they apply, then your boyfriend probably

Why Do We Blame The Other Woman?

If your partner cheated on you, who would you blame? Him or the woman he cheated on you with? Well, this is a tough question, but I bet that you know the answer. The woman. Well, somehow, although you try, you cannot stop hating her.

Are You Cheating?

Do you think that cheating is quite obvious? Well, you might be mistaken. It may not be so easy to find out whether you yourself are cheating on your partner. The thing is, sometimes you may be cheating although you may not even know about

When Your Friends Get Engaged

Everybody around you is getting engaged. And you are nearly the last person who is still single. And the last thing you want to be listening to is your friends talking about their engagement or the proposal. Well, you are not the last or the

Is It Love?

How do you know whether your fresh-new relationship is real? Or, how do you know whether your feelings for the person you are dating are something more than just affection? Well, here are some signs that might help you determine whether the things that you

The Most Romantic Movies You Should Watch

Are you staying in on Friday night? Well, then you need a good movie to watch! A romantic one, right? Well, we might have a few ideas for you. The best ones, to be clear. All you have to do is choose one! The Notebook

How To Get To Know Men Online

Online dating is just so difficult these days, right? The fact that you actually do not see the other person and so you practically cannot be sure that he is no psychopath, makes it all more dangerous and for some even time-wasting. Ain´t that so?

The Myths About Sex

How much do you think you know about sex? Well, think again! Because we have prepared a list of myths that even you perhaps believed! Well, we actually prepared a list of debunked myths, so prepare to only read the truth! Altoids do not make

The New Crush Of Your Friend

So your friend has a new crush. Awesome! Would you like to know how it is going to change your life? Well, then continue reading and you will find out. First of all, you will be excited for your friend, like really excited, because you