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High-Maintenance Co-Worker

People are different, some have higher standards, some do not. It is much harder to get along with some than with others. And guess who it is harder to get along with. Low-maintenance people? No. It is especially difficult when such person is your colleague.

Watch This Moose Family Cooling Off!

It is not seen every day: animals jumping around your lawn. Well, supposing you do not have a dog. But right now, I am not talking about pets. I am talking about real wild animals. And such thing happened in Alaska. When Candice Helm saw

Say Yes To Sydney!

And its romantic walks. Seriously, there is no place like Sydney and soon, you will find out why. If you are wondering where to go during the summer or what to do during the summer. I strongly recommend Sydney. You would look for another place

There Are Only Two Kinds Of People

The simplest things we do everyday are the things that determine what kind of person we are. If you do not believe, just watch the video. From the way we fold the toilet paper to how we eat our french fries. There are only two

The Word Mother And Its Meaning

The word we learn to say first, or the word that most of us learn to say first is definitely “mother”. Or maybe mom, mommy, or something like that. The meaning, however, does not change. At least, not while we are children. But as the

Sad? This Will Cheer You Up!

Are you feeling low? Well, we all have worse days from time to time. Life is like that, once you are up and once you are down. We all know that such a depression can last for a really long time and sometimes can have

What Happened Last Night?

Oh those Friday nights! And Saturday mornings after, you know what I mean. The best case scenario, you only have a slight hangover. But what if you have had too many coctails? You will probably end up picking up the pieces of what happened on

Are You Eating In Front Of Your Computer?

Do you belong to the people who are simply just too lazy to leave the computer even when they are eating. This article is addressed to you. Well, let´s just be honest, most of us do this. Some regularly, some just occasionally. Here are some

If You Are A Plus-Sized, You Will Love This!

There is still a long journey ahead of us, when it comes to plus-size fashion. Or, rather fashionable plus-size clothing. And the truth is that there is many of us that have issues with their body shape and that do not look exactly like supermodels

We All Look Forward To Festivals!

Yep, the summer is coming. You can feel it in the air, the weather is becoming sunny and warm and you cannot wait for your summer break. Long, hot nights and the parties! But most importantly – festivals!!! Festivals are the summer´s must have. Or