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Chill Friend

We all know at least one person that is always cool, never hurries and has problem with nothing. Whether it is our friend, our sibling or other relative, it does not really matter. The thing is, having such a person for a friend sounds awesome,

Forgetting The Names

Guys, has this ever happened to you? Forgetting someone´s name? It is a little awkward, right? But it sometimes happens to everybody. Well, we obviously cannot remember names of all the people we meet in the clubs or at the parties, can we? But when

This Video Shows How Easy It Is To Abduct A Child

Child abduction is a big issue today. Many children are abducted every day all around the world and the fact is that even though you think that your child is safe, the truth is, you never know. We all learn our children that they should

What Happened Last Night?

Oh those Friday nights! And Saturday mornings after, you know what I mean. The best case scenario, you only have a slight hangover. But what if you have had too many coctails? You will probably end up picking up the pieces of what happened on

Minions In Singapore

A photographer from Singapore thought it would be nice if Minions came into his town. Just to visit, you know. And just like any other tourist, Minions enjoyed the city very much! You can see it in the photos – happy, smiling faces, meeting new

The Cutest Thing Ever Seen!

You may not consider monkeys the cutest animals ever, that´s fine. Not until you see these two baby-monkeys eating fruit in their hammock. I bet they will change your mind and melt your heart. And not only yours. If you ever have problem with for