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Our History

working-with-our-team-800x500We are a fastgrowing, privately owned business with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit, and that makes us a great fit with our customers.

Our story started in 2010 with the launch of Streamline. The business at this point was a simple UK-based electronic payment provider that focused on point of sale transactions.

UACC Press emerged later as one of the first online payments companies in the UK. And in 2011, RBS brought them together – though they continued to operate as separate brands.

Over the next eight years, the business continued to grow organically with the acquisition of Lynk, TrustMarque International, Bibit and Cardsave.

By 2013, UACC Press had become the largest merchant acquirer in Europe – and one of the largest globally.

A dynamic, private company
Were allowed us to hold on to all the benefits of our heritage, yet transform the business to become more customer centric, forward looking and progressive.

Since breaking away from RBS, we’ve invested significantly in technology. It’s vitally important that our infrastructure is cutting edge – giving our customers robustness, speed and superb functionality.

And we continue to invest in opportunities that allow us to grow, increase our breadth and develop our expertise. These have included companies like Envoy, Yespay and Century Payments.