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The Holy Grail of Satisfied Relationship – The Female Orgasm

Do you have to ask your partner if they are satisfied or finished? Do you ask these questions to your partner or to yourself often?

I hate to break it to you – but if this is something you do a lot, odds are they most likely are not satisfied and definitely have not reached the big “O”.

It’s important to say, that if you are in a long-term relationship, mutual orgasms are not only a matter of pleasure, but they are almost necessary to keep the healthy relationship working.

According to studies conducted by Cambridge University in 2012 and the University of Tennessee in 2018, up to 72% of all marriages end due to “poor sexual experience” and “seeking new sexual experiences”.

“Poor and unsatisfying sex life is the US’s No. 1 reason for divorces.”

Female Orgasm Matters

Sexual intercourse (and the enjoyment of it) is a critical part of every relationship.

It doesn’t matter if the problem is in the man or woman.

If sex doesn’t work, it never ends well.

For many women, getting an orgasm can be quite elusive. But it’s actually as simple as it gets, and you don’t need to have pornographic skills to do it.

You can easily give a woman multiple orgasms – if you know how to do it right.

It’s also helpful to know that women experience orgasms in more than one way, and perhaps this is part of the reason why most people tend to deem the whole idea mysterious.

For one, clitoral stimulation is one way where women can orgasm, as well as G-spot and vaginal stimulation.

You can also give a woman an orgasm by focusing on her erogenous zones like her neck, thighs, or breasts. But how to do it right?

Guaranteed Tips in Making a Female Orgasm

You can use any of the ways mentioned above to make a woman orgasm, though you’re always free to use a mix of some.

But even though you know some of the ways you can please your partner, you might still fall short with the manner of doing it.

Rushing immediately into a female orgasm is not the way to go, nor is clitoral stimulation that borders on pain.

Because of this, below are some of the best female orgasm techniques and tips you can keep in mind during your sexy time.

  1. Foreplay

It’s almost always a turn-off to dive headfirst into penetration, all in the name of an orgasm.

Your partner may be aroused as soon as she hits you with a seductive glance, but they still need emotional and physical stimulation to be primed and lubricated enough for an orgasm.

Don’t try to rush foreplays since it shouldn’t have to come off as a mandatory task.

Start with stimulating your partner mentally through mood music, flirtatious calls, or a sensual atmosphere.

  1. Know how she likes to be pleased

Part of giving your partner the best orgasm is knowing her sweet spots and what she likes in bed.

For this, you might want to focus on her G-spot and clitoris. The clitoris is located nearby the vulva and is covered by the clitoral hood, which prevents it from being continuously stimulated.

You’ll want to coax it out by constantly licking or touching it until the clitoris becomes erect.

Another is the G-spot, which is located within the vagina.

You’ll find the g-spot by sliding a finger in and curling it while inside. However, make sure to ask your partner how they like this to be done since some don’t like too much pressure on such a sensitive area.

You can take your cues by how much her vagina starts lubricating – a telltale sign that she’s aroused and turned on.

  1. Use a little help

Although you’ve kept the foreplay going enough or know the right spots to touch, you can still fall short of an orgasm without sufficient stamina or increased desire.

Mostly by increasing age, it’s harder and harder for females to achieve orgasm. There are many both scientific and psychological reasons for this.

Libido enhancers (also called Spanish Fly products) are products made especially for this.

They try to help balance the woman’s hormones and set the right level of estrogen, help with vaginal dryness, and other associated problems.

Libido enhancement products significantly increase passion and lust, often leading to the most pleasurable experiences of making love.

There’s a good reason why people turn to libido enhancement products to have a good time, and that’s because it’s the best option for attaining a great orgasm while letting you have longer, more passionate nights.

With libido enhancement, you’ll find it easier to coax or be coaxed into an orgasm without needing to spend a lot of time on foreplays and stimulation.

Using this almost always guarantees an orgasm, allowing you to have one of the most memorable times of your life without doing too much work.

Not only that, but you also get a longer time to get freaky with your partner without getting tired immediately!

Unfortunately, it’s tough to know which brands really work and which products you can trust. With so many products out there, it can be hard to make the right choice.

Choosing a bad product will cost you money, time, and in the worst-case scenario, your health. And no one wants to risk any of these.

Are You Going to Make The Right Choice?

Try to find out as much information about the product you plan to purchase (and consume) but be careful and don’t trust everything the manufacturers and sellers put on their sites.

They will do anything to sell their products.

That is the reason why we also went further and developed this site – it’s a place where regular people can share their real and honest reviews about various Spanish fly products for other people to choose the right product and avoid the bad or even dangerous ones.

If you’re interested, check out these Top 5 Spanish Fly Products and Brands comparisons to know which options would be great for you.

These products are a must-have if you want to experience the best orgasms and sex yet, while truly basking in the experience.

Best Spanish Fly Brands of 2022


There are literally hundreds of different Spanish Fly products available on the market. All claiming to be the best, strongest, and safest. So which one should you choose?

I have purchased anonymously the most demanded and the top-selling Spanish Fly products. Tested them all. And wrote a review of each.

Jump To TOP 5 Spanish Fly Brands of 2022

Tomas Miller – Dietary & Nutrient Expert

My name is Tomas Miller, and for 15 years, I work as a professional dietary and nutrient expert. Over that time, I helped hundreds of clients with not only their diet but their sexual problems. I appeared on many TV shows and was quoted worldwide.

Now, I have put together 7 main facts you should always consider when buying dietary supplements – especially in the Spanish Fly (aphrodisiacal) category.

Product Safety

Rule number one when you purchase something you plan to consume. It must be 100% safe to use. Period. This rule is no different for Spanish Fly products.

Power of the product

What’s the purpose of buying the product, does it work? The best Spanish Fly products should work for any age and any gender.

Ingredient Quality

Some manufacturers try to cut the expenses by using cheaper, fewer quality ingredients. Luckily, lab tests can easily find out.

Side Effects

If the Spanish Fly product boosts your sexual appetite but also gives you a rash, headache or stomach problems, it’s really not worth using.

Money Back Guarantee

If the manufacturer (or seller) offers you solid money back guarantee, then they are showing that they believe in the product. If the product doesn’t work, they would have to give back all the money they earn.

Company Reputation & GMP Standards

Do you want a product that’s made by some guy in his apartment (it really happens!), or a product made by a real company in a certified lab?

Customer Service

You should be able to reach out to customer service any time you need it. To help with the order, to track your package, or get answers to your questions.

7 facts about Spanish Fly

Our Own Spanish Fly Products Test

I searched the Internet for the most popular Spanish Fly products, ordered them and had them sent to my home, and then used these 7 proven facts to determine which products you should try and which to avoid.

You can find my ratings and short review for each Spanish Fly product I tried below:

My Pick #1: Spanish Fly Pro

My number one pick is, without any hesitation, Spanish Fly Pro. If you have already done some of your own research on this topic, this probably didn’t surprise you. There are thousands of mostly positive reviews about this product online.

Our tested product contained 100% safe, highest quality herbal ingredients. No side-effects were found while using Spanish Fly Pro and the effectiveness of the product is noticeable both in women and men.

The product is made in the European Union by a well-known manufacturer.

The only problem with this product is its price. Because of all the ingredients used in this product, the final price is probably necessary. Also, the manufacturer is well aware of the effectiveness of the product and knows people are willing to pay extra for the quality.


Alert! Scammers selling fake Spanish Fly Pro on various websites. Beware Spanish Fly Pro is ONLY sold on official website –




My Pick #2: Love Drops

My pick number two is Love Drops. The quality of the product is top-notch. No side-effects and a good manufacturer. The only downside of this product is with the effectiveness and power.

There are people claiming that these Love Drops worked on them even better than Spanish Fly Pro. However, to be honest, most reviews are rather neutral about this product.

It looks like it’s fifty-fifty whether it works for you or not. It’s probably because the ingredients used do not work the same for each user.

So if you are looking to try a cheaper product, consider Spanish Fly Love Drops.



My Pick #3: Germany Sex Drops

Choosing the first and second pick was pretty easy. With all the others, it was harder. My pick number 3 is Germany Sex Drops. The reason I gave it 3rd place are the reviews you can find about it. The truth is, I am not really sure how many of them are real.

I got this product for almost 60 dollars, which is more than the Spanish Fly Pro. But then I discovered you can find this on eBay for 4 bucks. The product is made somewhere in China and it looks that it’s made by several different manufacturers.

Content and ingredients of this product remain a mystery to me. On the product-box is written just water and fructose, but I really hope it’s not all. Otherwise, it’s pretty expensive sweet-water, isn’t it? Oh, and yes, the “flarar” thing. What is it? Maybe a “flavor”? I really don’t know.



My Pick #4: SexUp Aphrodisiac

My pick number 4 is SexUp Aphrodisiac. You will get 5 of these tubes and you are supposed to drink it all before the intercourse. And I tell you, it’s nothing you want to drink.

The ingredients are good quality and there is one known manufacturer of this product. There are no so many reviews as for other products, therefore place number 4 on my list.



My Pick #5: Spanish Gold Fly

The last product is Spanish Gold Fly. Similarly to Germany Sex Drops it’s made in China and you can get it for few bucks.

No ingredients of this Spanish Fly are known. No good reviews are found. I highly do not recommend this product even to try.

As I found of my testing, there are huge differences in the quality of the Spanish Fly products on the market. So be carrefour while choosing the right one, you decide to buy.

And if you have your own experiences with any Spanish Fly, please share them in the comments below! Thank you.


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Can recommend!

After tying the German Drops something I was really skeptical to try another product. This Pro had some great reviews so I gave it a try. You mix 5 drops with a glass of wine, drink and wait for about 20 minutes (they say 10 on the label, maybe it’s different for each user, idk). You feel aroused, think about sexual things. It’s a very nice feeling. It’s not like you are drugged. Just feeling… better. Can recommend



Oh, the Spanish Fly Pro. I ordered my first bottle back in 2014 and since then I order the 3-bottle pack every second month. It’s crazy how can such a small bottle make a regular life better 🙂


Fast and discreet delivery!

I ordered these from the official website, arrived in about a week, tried them once for now and both me and my GF feel the difference. It’s good.


Recommended by my doc

My friend recommended Spanish Fly Pro to me for my vaginal dryness problem. Even though the product is not made exactly for this problem, thanks to it I enjoy the foreplay more and therefore I am more (naturally) lubricated and the sex is painless. Actually, much more than just painless. I had my first orgasm a few days ago after like 7 years thanks to this Spanish Fly Pro drops.


Works on my man too

My husband lost any interest in sex. Yes, it’s normal after 15 years of marriage, but… it’s not fine. Now, every Friday night, we go out for dinner, take our spanish fly pro drops with us and it all good now. We don’t have sex every time, but our relationship is just much better now.


don’t waste your $$$

i tried to GSD, gold, provestra, hersol, love and pro and the pro is, hands down, the only working libido-booster our there… do not waste your money and time


It works perfectly

Spanish Fly Pro is the answer that I’ve been looking for to fix my libido issues. I previously tried many libido-enhancing products but they didn’t make any difference. Spanish Fly Pro works perfectly.


sex is unimaginable without Spanish Fly Pro

Purchased it, tried it and now sex is unimaginable without Spanish Fly Pro! If you can’t attain your big O as frequently as you would like, you just have to try Spanish Fly Pro. Sex will never be the same again!


spanish fly pro

A bottle will last you roughly one month. Just mix a few drops with the wine (this works perfectly for us) and you are good to go. The results were fantastic and delivery was fast, too. I lack words to show my gratitude.


it can make miracles!

For a long time, sex has been a painful ordeal for me. I tried every excuse to avoid it, which led me to break up with two boyfriends. I decided to see a sex counselor who suggested that I try libido-enhancing pills and specifically Spanish Fly Pro. I ordered it and guys; I’m back together with my boyfriend. Thanks a lot Spanish Fly Pro!


its all discreet

I can’t hide the fact that I felt a small sense of shame when I ordered for the Spanish Fly Pro for the first time. However, they were delivered in discreet packaging and even my credit card statement didn’t show anything about them.


I’m never going back!

If you are unsure about whether to order Spanish Fly Pro or not, I highly recommend you to do so. There is simply nothing not to like about this natural libido booster. I’m never going back!


Give it a try!

We’ve been married for 3 years but recently my wife began to complain that I wasn’t the man I used to be in bed. At first this bothered me a lot because I feared my wife would cheat on me. I was too embarrassed to ask anybody for advice. But after a few searches and reading reviews, I stumbled upon Spanish Fly Pro. My wife is now smiling 🙂


Thumbs up

Worked exactly as advertised. I will be ordering 3 more bottles.


Better than expected

I put few drops in my friend’s drink, just to see the result. And I could not believe it. She started to dance with everybody in the room, she smiled on every man, and she wanted some sex. I was there to witness how strong the product is and how high it makes you feel.



We use SF Pro with champagne just as was recommended by one of their support staffs and it works great. It costs $5 per use and it’s totally worth it. It’s a lot better with it.


Try it for yourself

I think this is our 4th or 5th purchase of Spanish Fly Pro. I don’t want to say more. Just try it and see for yourself. In case it doesn’t satisfy you, you can be sure that you will be refunded your money. Plus, shipping is absolutely free. There is no reason not to give it a try.


It must be used everytime?

I bought the Spanish Fly Pro but it only worked for some time and my problem returned. It requires that one uses it every time.


Now I believe the reviews…

A friend of mine recommended that I try the Spanish Fly Pro. I searched it on Google and found some really good reviews about it. I can state here that it does work. My wife is more relaxed nowadays and enjoys sex a lot.


Help please

I couldn’t figure out the problem with me. I suddenly lost my sex appetite. I was sad and terrified. I badly needed a fix to my problem because things were not very good between my husband and I. I could see that he missed me a lot, yet I couldn’t simply rise to the occasion.


5 stars from me

Hi good people. I’m writing this review to let you know about the wonderful product called Spanish Fly Pro. It does work and will make you perform like a beast. My wife is very happy with me now and wants it all the time. All this because of Spanish Fly Pro!


Love you SFP.

I’m aged 24 and for a long time I’ve suffered from sexual anxiety as well as vaginal dryness. It’s my psychologist who told me about Spanish Fly Pro. After assuring me that it was made of all-natural ingredients, I began taking it regularly. I saw lots of improvement in my sex life. I am now happily married after two previous fails. Love you SFP.


Works like advertised

Good heavens! I sneaked a few drops of the Spanish Fly pro into my girlfriend’s drink, and she became very horny. It worked wonders to improve our sex life. I recommend it unreservedly.


good product

I’m allergic to many medications and was reluctant of trying any libido enhancement product until I discovered Spanish Fly Pro. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients and worked wonders for me. I would urge anyone with libido problems to try it. It has no side effects at all.


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