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Rebel Wilson Dating Ramona Agruma?

Rebel Wilson is making us all swoon with this adorable photo! The Senior Year actor posted a pic on Instagram of herself smiling with her new girlfriend Ramona Agruma—who, by the way, is a pretty major fashion designer/founder of sustainable clothing company Lemon Ve Limon.

Olsen’s Sisters… Got Money!

Have you ever wondered how much money Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are worth in 2022? Same. These Olsen twins have a lot of money in the bank, and it’s definitely more than the rest of us can make in a short amount of time. Let’s

What You Should Know About A Bra

Do you think that you know everything you should about your bra? Well, you probably do not. Not that we do not trust you, however, we have some information that is absolutely new even to us. And we are happy to share this information with

When You Only Have 20 Dollars Left

It happens that sometimes, you are short of money. There is nothing wrong with that, right? It is just a matter of bad management. However, if you have that 20 dollars left, then you should be fine. You can stretch them. How? Well, I cannot

Prepare For Your Monday On Sunday!

Yeah, Mondays suck. I mean, weekends are just too short and then on Monday, it seems that weeks are way to long. The first day of the week at work is just terrifying, isn´t it? And because we all know this, we usually spend most

Plus-Sized Women Photoshoped

Photoshop is used nearly everywhere. There is not a photo in a magazine which would not be photoshopped. Am I right? Also, even ordinary people are beginning to use photoshop! And I just do not really understand why. What happened to the natural beauty? Is

French Waffles! The New Breakfast!

I am not sure whether this is the most genius thing I have ever seen or the absolutely worst thing. Well, the only thing that is sure is that this is the most unhealthy breakfast that you can eat. Or not, well, perhaps we can