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The World Is Helping Parents To Complete Their Late Daughter´s Bucket List

Kristina Chesterman was a young, 21-year-old nursing student who died in a hit and run. She was run over by Riley Hoover. When she died, her organs were given away to those who needed them. Now these people want to do something for her.

Kristina was the person that people remember for her kindness and her passion for life. And so, when three weeks after her death her parents found a bucket list at her apartment, they knew what they had to do. Complete it. However, there were so many things on the bucket list, that they cannot really do it on their own. And so the whole world is now offering their help, to do something from the list while holding the photo of Kristina. This way, she will not be forgotten.Kristina-Chesterma_2466273aKristina-Chesterma_2466274a