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Prepare For Your Monday On Sunday!

Yeah, Mondays suck. I mean, weekends are just too short and then on Monday, it seems that weeks are way to long. The first day of the week at work is just terrifying, isn´t it? And because we all know this, we usually spend most of our Sunday worrying about Monday. And doing nothing. Although, there are other things we could do. And these things could help us have a fresh start on Monday. Here are some tips.

Okay, so let´s start with the cleaning part. You should definitely wash all your clothes you can, including your sheets. Plus, you should also take out all the garbage. Believe me, you will feel better during the week when everything will be fresh. Also, set your closet in order. Make a to-do list. Set some goals for the following week. And after all the cleaning, do osmething for yourself, take a long relaxing bath.

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