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How To Make Your Bed More Cozy

enhanced-16059-1413828398-30Your bed should be the coziest place of all. Because, well, it is the place where you are sleeping every night. It should be your kingdom! And it should also look that way!

So, if you want you bed to be the place you will look forward to every night, follow these tips!

  1. Buy a fuzzy rug. Getting up will be so much easier!
  2. Buy a special pillow for armsleepers. Well, if you are an armsleeper.
  3. Get a knitted blanket.
  4. Make a canopy.
  5. Keep your electronic at a distance.
  6. Buy a mattress topper.
  7. Make your bed. Everyday!
  8. Buy sheet straps. They will protect your sheets from sliding.
  9. Skip the top-sheet.
  10. Make a DIY headboard.
  11. Buy a cute bedside lamp.
  12. Put lavender in your room. It will help you fall asleep.

And, probably the most important and best advice is to get someone into the bed! A pet or a boyfriend! Well, the choice is yours. Just make sure they will make you feel comfortable.

Everybody will be jealous of your beautiful bedroom!