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What You Should Know About A Bra

Do you think that you know everything you should about your bra? Well, you probably do not. Not that we do not trust you, however, we have some information that is absolutely new even to us. And we are happy to share this information with you.

1. If you think that your bra is too loose, do not even think about adjusting your straps. It will not help you. Adjust your band. That is where the support comes from.

2. You can either measure your bra size yourself or go get them sized. Just remember to wear thinly lined bra.

3. You will not wear the same size throughout your life. The bra size changes as you get older.

4. You do not necessarily have to be the same size in every shop. Therefore, always try your bra on before you buy it.

5. You can sleep with your bra on, there is nothing wrong with that.

6. However, only do that if it is comfortable for you. If not, then sleep without your bra.

7. Do not wear the same bra for more than two days in a row. Otherwise it may get loose too early. Give your bra a break.