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Plus-Sized Women Photoshoped

Photoshop is used nearly everywhere. There is not a photo in a magazine which would not be photoshopped. Am I right? Also, even ordinary people are beginning to use photoshop! And I just do not really understand why. What happened to the natural beauty? Is it too old-fahsioned?

Well, recently a Facebook group called Project Harpoon was posting photos of plus-sized women photoshopped. It was in order to inspire plus-sized women to lose weight. But was it really for that reason? Well, if it works, then it is fine. But perhaps it does more harm than good, donĀ“t you think?plus-size-celebrity-photoshopped-thinner-project-harpoon-thinnerbeauty-13 plus-size-celebrity-photoshopped-thinner-project-harpoon-thinnerbeauty-3plus-size-celebrity-photoshopped-thinner-project-harpoon-thinnerbeauty-2