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Desire – is no Ordinary Word

Let´s talk desire now!

Now, what do you imagine when somebody says the word desire. Do you imagine your partner and your relationship?

Or do you imagine a hot scene from the hot movie that you saw last Friday? Well, we all have the idea of what the desire is. Or what it represents. Don´t we?

I bet that you do. But, do we all really know what the desire is? I mean, do we really all experience or have we ever experienced desire?


Well, that is quite difficult to say and you are probably going to have to find out for yourself. But before you do, let me share my definition of what the desire is.

Desire is something we feel when we really want someone. It is a great feeling, and it is something we should all have the privilege to experience, don´t you think? But desire is different from love. It is usually just physical and caused by physical attraction.

That is why you will need to learn to distinguish between desire and love. Which can sometimes be complicated. But love is a different feeling. While desire is spontanoeus, love is stronger and permanent. And that is something you should remember. It will help you avoid trouble and figure your love life out.

Well, fingers crossed!