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Do You Know Plart?

Have you ever heard about Plart? Yes? No? Probably not. It is rather new. Plart is a hyper-realistic plate art. And the point of it is in painting food on the plates so that it looks realistic. Just like this slice of pizza. Hmm…I would like to have a bite! It just looks so real and delicious!

Behind this idea is Jacqueline Poirier, resident artist in Ritz Carlton Hotel in Torotno who has been pursuing plart for three years now. And her plates have become very popular. She has already painted more than 1500 pieces. Awesome, right?

Plart-n-A-hand-painted-plate-utilizing-colourful-palettes-and-designs...20__605 Plart-n-A-hand-painted-plate-utilizing-colourful-palettes-and-designs...14__605 Plart-n-A-hand-painted-plate-utilizing-colourful-palettes-and-designs...13__605