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Is a Woman’s Libido Correlated to Her Menstrual Cycle?

Learn how to understand your body!

It is important that you finally learn everything you need to know about your body. It is the only way to really become aware of what your body wants and needs. And once you understand that, your life will be a lot easier. Like a lot easier. weight-loss-rules-woman_0

So, let´s talk about libido and menstrual cycle. I am sure you know something about it, however, do you know how your menstrual cycle is affecting your libido? Well, if not then continue reading!

You have probably already heard of ovulation, right? Well, and you have probably already heard that during ovulation, women feels more aroused. Believe it or not, it is true. And you should make use of it!

Another benefit during the ovulation is that a woman looks more attractive. And combined with the higher libido, well, be careful!

Some women experience higher libido during the period. Well, it is because of the changes in hormone levels.

These changes are nothing extraordinary as they happen to all women. But it is good and important to know how your cycle works and what it does to your body. It will be easier for you to make use of it to your advantage.

So, the answer is yes. Menstrual cycle and libido correlate. However, it is up to you to find out how it works. Once you do, you will see how much easier everything is. But, I will give you the time to find out. You surely will.

And do not be upset if sometimes your libido does not work the way you expect it to be. Perhaps it is just because of hormones. Anyway, good luck!