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Is Acne Still Your Problem?

Okay, okay, we get it, you are an adult now so you expect that everything in your life will begin acting adult-like. You expect your parents to listen to your advice, you expect your siblings to do so too and you expect your acne to be gone. Because acne and adulthood, they do not really go together, right?

Well, guess what? Not happening! Acne does not really care. And even though you think that it is just absolutely stupid, that is just the way it goes! Yes, even in adulthood. So, what are your options? Well, dealing with it! And the best way is to visit a dermatologist. Or beautician at least. Good luck! And remember, freaking out will only make it worse.enhanced-11096-1438014767-1 enhanced-17171-1438012288-1enhanced-11764-1438027110-1