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Meeting Guys In College

Meeting is will probabyl never be easier than it is in college. and you should know that. And if you do know that then you should do something about it. And by something we really mean something! Here are some tips on how to meet the cute guys in college!

  1. Go to a kickback rather than a party. A party is too loud and there are usually terribly drunk people. There is a higher chance of meeting someone at a kickback than at a party. And, the chances that someone you knows will know the person you will like are a lot higher.
  2. Join a club that interests you. That way you will meet people with the same interests.
  3. Or join a study group. It will help you study and perhaps you will meet someone.
  4. Go to a school event. Not all of them are lame! Just ask your girlfriends to go with you. It will be fun!
  5. Make your own kickback. Simply invite all of your friends to come over to your place, sit back, talk, have fun. That all you need to do in order to meet new people.

Just remember that you need to do this for yourself. Do not do things that make you feel uncomfortable. Just be yourself and enjoy the parties you attend.