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Say Yes To Sydney!

And its romantic walks. Seriously, there is no place like Sydney and soon, you will find out why.

If you are wondering where to go during the summer or what to do during the summer. I strongly recommend Sydney. You would look for another place that is both so cool and so romantic in vain. So why trying when Sydney has it all?

And even though you are not the type who likes to do adventurous things constantly, you will definitely enjoy walking around the city for the views and most beautiful landscapes it offers. In Sydney, even a day when you have no specific plan would turn out to be unforgettable. Here are some walks that you might want to take, in case you find yourself in Sydney.

1. Bondi to Bronte Walk

11254716_882208741850846_412879376_n2. Blue Gum Walk

10979595_1538565513072629_899045167_n3. Manly to Spit Bridge Scenic Walk

b8276ceeb24611e3b11312f22a685db9_84. Bondi to Coogee Walk