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The Twitter Rules You Should Know

If you happen to be a Twitter user, then you should definitely check out these rules that every, every Twitter user should know about. Just read and remember them!

  1. Have a picture. Otherwise, people will not take you seriously. So, make sure you have a decent photo.
  2. Do not only tweet links without a description. Nobody clicks on links without description.
  3. Do no beg or force people to follow you. That is not going to make you any cooler.
  4. Do not think that your followers are your friends. They are not.
  5. Do not unfollow people once they start following you back. That is not a nice thing to do.
  6. Do not use too many hashtags.
  7. Do not like your own tweets. Well, it is obvious that you like something you have written. There is no necessity to make an idiot out of you.
  8. Do not ask stupid questions, learn how to search for information.
  9. Do not talk about negative things. And avoid arguments. You do not want the whole world to know.
  10. Do not search for your soulmate on Twitter. Well, we are not trying to say that meeting someone interesting on Twitter is impossible.
  11. Do not use other people´s tweets and pretend that they are yours.
  12. Do not retweet private conversations.
  13. Twitter is not your blog. Neither your diary.
  14. You do not have to follow everyone back.

Well, now you should be able to have your own Twitter account.