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Things We Wish We Knew When We Were 13

Do you still remember what it was like back then when you were thirteen? Well, we do.

And we know that it would have been much easier if we knew some things that we did not know back then.

Are you curious what things we have in mind?

Well, then do not stop reading!

  1. If the guy that you like likes another girl, it does not mean that she is any better than you. You are awesome and he is a jerk.
  2. If a guy asks you to do something that you really do not want to do, then do not do it. You do not have to.
  3. Do not push yourself into dating just because other people are dating or because you do not want to say no. No one can force you into this.
  4. Guys cannot read minds. And sometimes, they are just too lazy.
  5. Do not play games. It just never works.
  6. Stop dressing like you are twenty-something.
  7. If you hear that the guy said to someone that he does not want to date you, then it is true. And you should not waste your time with him.
  8. Do not give up things you love for a boy.