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Things You Can and Can’t Do If A Woman Has Vaginismus

Is vaginismus affecting your sex life? Read and find out how to deal with it!

Hearing the word vaginismus, everyone immediately seems to realize that it is a condition which has to do something with women. I mean, it is obvious from the title. And it is also obvious from the title that it has to do something with a vagina. Or not?

Well, of course it does, but the thing is, if a woman has vaginismus, then it is not only affecting her but also her partner and their sex life. You see, vaginismus is a condition which causes vaginal muscles to tighten involuntarily and that results in pain during intercourse.


And the most complicated thing is that vaginismus has many causes and it really is not easy to get rid of it. But if your partner knows how to behave and what to do then it could really make the whole process a lot easier! So, here are some tips for all the men on what to do and what not to do if a woman is dealing with vaginismus:

  1. Do talk to her about it. But be kind and sensitive. Try to understand her condition.
  2. Go see a doctor with her. But only if she wants you to. Just being there for her and understnading that it is not only her problem but yours as well might really help.
  3. Do not force her into sex. Painful sex is not good for a woman and it would definitely be better to wait until things get better. So, take it slowly, focus on other things. Otherwise, she will never get through this.

Well, fingers crossed, We hope you will get manage to overcome this issue together as a couple!