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Vegas Back Then

Everybody wants to go to Vegas! Or wanted to at a certain point of their life. There is just something about the city. And you probably know what it is. The atmophere is just unique! I mean, there is no place like Vegas! But was it always that way?

Was Las Vegas always the city of fun and partying? Well, it has been going on in the city like this for quite a long time. So there is no wonder that you do not know that. The truth is that Vegas has changed. But the point stayed the same.

Jut look at the pictures. Are they not fascinating?

Oh, and do you recognize the lady playing roulette?enhanced-buzz-wide-31764-1437664521-17 enhanced-buzz-wide-12801-1437677112-7 enhanced-buzz-wide-9847-1437673599-7 enhanced-buzz-wide-28220-1437662833-7