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7 reasons to use Spanish Fly

In modern times, we face a lot of stress in our daily lives, which can have an unwanted effect on our health. Stress can lead to a lower quality of life and even lower the sex drive for some people. This has led to a decrease in libido worldwide in the current generation. As a result, researchers and big companies are working day and night to find ways to increase libido so that people can get their sex lives back on track.

The search for the ultimate libido booster is no novelty in the history of humanity. There is a lot of historical evidence showing different traces of love portions developed by our ancestors to increase sexual desire and pleasure. While most of them were based on magic spells, some were based on mixtures of strong aphrodisiacs. One of the potions that may have been discovered to be efficient is Spanish fly.

1. History of Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac

Spanish fly has remained a popular aphrodisiac for well over a thousand years and has been used as a libido stimulant – especially by the ladies. Spanish fly is well known for its efficiency in achieving the desired results. It is the go-to product for folks looking to revive their sex lives and increase the pleasure experienced during sex. Instead of wondering what makes Spanish fly so effective, make it a point to give it a try yourself.

Many years ago, people noticed that small bees were leaving white dots everywhere they went. This white substance, as it came to be revealed, was a secretion aimed at attracting Spanish fly females. It did not take long before scientists noticed this natural wonder and tried it on women. The results of the experiment were unbelievable, as it worked like no other love potion or aphrodisiac known to man.

2. What is Spanish Fly?

The Spanish fly, also known as Lytta Vesicatoria, has been studied vastly by scientists and students. After decades of collecting secrets from the magnificent Spanish fly, people started crushing their bodies to make love potions. The active substance that caused the desired effect is called Cantharid. Cantharid was used by prominent figures in history, like Julius Ceaser, Maria Theresia, and Napoleon. This made the Spanish fly even more popular, especially for the Europeans, since they knew it worked.

With the rapid rise in the number of people using the aphrodisiac, it was discovered that using Spanish fly had a range of negative side effects. This resulted in the ban of the original aphrodisiac recipe in all countries. After its ban, scientists went back to the drawing board to create a similar product without the side effects. Fortunately, after years of hard work and research, they came up with the perfect product that worked and had no side effects. Many companies have since developed many different products emulating the original Spanish fly. (1)

How does it work?

The application method changed from the original external application to the current oral intake method. This method is more suitable for men and women as it comes in liquid form. The original Spanish fly recipe worked by irritating the consumer’s body, particularly the urogenital tract. Upon intake, the clitoris became more sensitive, resulting in a rise in the woman’s libido and sexual desire. While it was effective, its use resulted in complications in the consumers’ urine system.

New mixtures of this aphrodisiac were developed to solve this problem. They are a lot safer than the original Spanish fly potion since they work by creating chemical reactions in your mind that instantly increase libido. Men who use them have better erections, while women can prevent vaginal dryness.

3. Ingredients

What are the Ingredients?

The active ingredient in the original Spanish fly recipe was Cantharid, which was effective but resulted in too many negative side effects. However, since scientists were exposed to it, they knew how the aphrodisiac worked naturally for the female Spanish fly. Scientists studied Cantharid deeply to understand better how it worked and the effects of the ingredients on human bodies.

This research opened the door for different companies to mix various aphrodisiacs to come up with different love potions with the efficiency of the Spanish fly potion but without the negative effects. After decades of development, scientists were able to extract Cantharid only from the Spanish fly, which is the only essential ingredient. It is very important to use only the new products, which were made using the scientists’ new extraction method. The modern products provide the consumer with the efficiency of the original Spanish fly potion while keeping its side effects minimal. (2)

Is the Spanish Fly Safe?

Spanish fly has been used as a natural aphrodisiac for over a thousand years. As is the case with other drugs, there have been accidents that occurred as a result of an overdose. Consumers are advised on the importance of complying with the recommended dosage. There are many websites spreading propaganda that Spanish fly is deadly. Be that as it may, there is yet to be a single reported case of anyone dying as a result of using Spanish fly. Additionally, some competitors also spread lies that it causes kidney failure and the appearance of painful blisters on genital areas. Well, that was true three decades ago when Spanish fly was used externally; now, their arguments are fictional and based on lies since when used in the recommended dosage, there are no side effects. (3)

Modern Forms of Spanish Fly

The key thing to remember is that the newly developed and tested products are only based on the active ingredients and limits most side effects. The modern forms of Spanish fly are safer than other products that are used by small groups of people and are probably never tested. Some of them are widely sold on the internet and are advertised using a lot of fake information. A good example is German Sex Drops, which are not even made in Germany.

Importance of Quality and Correct Dosage

In the newly developed and tested products, you can be sure that you are getting the right quality at the correct dosage. There are many reported cases where untested products have resulted in health issues.

4. Germany Sex Drops Buyer Beware

German Sex Drops (as it is called on some sites) claims to be a performance enhancer for those with low libido. Other than from its spurious sounding name (who associates sex with Germany?), there are enough reasons to doubt the credibility of this product. Let’s look at them.

No record of any tests by the FDA or the European Union.

We could not find any record of German Sex Drops having been subjected to any tests by any Federal Drug Agency (FDA) or European Union. That means that let alone about boosting your libido, there is no guarantee that it will not harm your body. (4)

Poor Reviews

I tried to see what users had to say about German Sex drops and I could not find a single user review that said that the product worked for them. In fact, one user called it “terrible;” another claimed that it “didn’t work at all” and another said, “Made my wife sick.”

Fake German Connection

To make up for the fact that the product has not passed any quality tests, the users have tagged on the name German with the product. Come to think of it, do you associate German with sexual passion? Germany is known for its industry, its cars, and its death metal but I have not heard of any great lovers coming out of German.

The makers of this product named it so because German manufacturing and quality standards are well respected. After a little research, we also learned that the product German Sex Drops is neither manufactured in Germany nor is it allowed to be sold in the German market.


The price gives me another reason for doubt. German Sex drops are listed at wildly different prices at different sites on the Internet, ranging from 5 dollars to 50 dollars. If it is being sold for 5 dollars, it probably does not contain anything more than water with food coloring in it. There are enough red flags about the product for me to never recommend it.

5. Spanish Gold Fly – Buy at your own Risk

Spanish Gold Fly claims to be close to the original formula of the Spanish fly love potion. It also includes Cantharid. What goes against it are its side effects which include skin irritation and sweating.

Like German Sex Drops, its price also varies wildly from site to site. It is very difficult to trust a product that is priced at 2 dollars as well as 100 dollars. At 2 dollars, you are not buying sexual performance enhancer, you are just buying a placebo. For this reason, it needs to be viewed with a similar skepticism as German Sex Drops.

6. Spanish Fly LOVE

Spanish Fly LOVE, one of the newer products on the market, has a formula based on herbal extracts. It does not contain Cantharid, though, which goes against it. From first impressions, this product looks a lot less suspicious than the products we have discussed so far. It has been extensively tested worldwide, has a respectable design and packaging and does not try to fool buyers by invoking the name of a country it has nothing to do with.

The price of Spanish Fly LOVE is a uniform 50 dollars across most sites on which it is sold. The price seems in line with the production costs of a product with real ingredients that are manufactured at a proper facility. Customer reviews also state that the product is safe and has high efficiency.

7. Spanish Fly Pro – The Best Bet

Spanish Fly Pro is the “New kid on the block.” Made from 100% herbal ingredients, it contains 7 strong aphrodisiacs and is manufactured using quality standards. Spanish Fly Pro has a fresh taste and can be consumed by mixing with any liquid.
Spanish Fly Pro promises a boost in sex drive and enhanced arousal levels. To achieve the desired effect just add 10 drops to a glass of wine or any other beverage and wait for 15 minutes. Spanish Fly Pro increases libido for both men and women, reduces vaginal dryness, and enhances the flow of blood to genitals.
Spanish Fly Pro has been tested by several independent labs around the world and been observed to have no side effects. User reviews are largely positive and several couples have reported enhanced arousal levels. Some women have even claimed it gave them multiple orgasms. You could search for yourself, but we have not found any negative reviews yet!