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Premature ejaculation

When the semen releases from the body, is called ejaculation. The term Premature ejaculation’ determines the state of this ejaculation is called when the semen gets ous from the penis sooner that the man or his partner expect at the time of sex. But, this PE may not be a cause to be concerned every time. Though it seems to be a frustrating matter if sex becomes less pleasurable day by day and in turn, affects the relationship in long run. Remember, if this happens frequently and you face problems due to this, you might consult your doctor.
A study proved that in the U.S., every 3rd men between ages of 18 to 59 years suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation. The problem with this repeated occurrence might be mainly psychological, but there might be a chance of biological, too.

1. How ejaculation works

Our central nervous system of our body controls the ejaculation directly. At the time of sex, when a man is sexually stimulated, a signal is sent to the spinal cord and brain. In this due course, when a man reaches the maximum point of excitement, the brain sends signals to the reproductive organs. This signal causes the ejaculation of semen from the penis. This is observed, ejaculation has two different phases, emission and expulsion.

2. Phase 1: Emission

Emission is the primary phase where the sperm reaches the prostate from testicles and hence, create semen with the mixture of seminal fluid. There is a tube called vasa deferentia which allows the sperm to reach the base of the penis from testicle passing through the prostate. (This tube is also termed as vas deferens when is a single tube).

3. Phase 2: Expulsion

Few muscles are there at the base of the penis. these muscles penis contracts, then it is called expulsion. This expulsion creates a force to eject the semen out from the penis. This is observed, generally, ejaculation and orgasms (climax) occur at the same time. But, sometimes, men can climax or orgasm without even ejaculating. After this phase, generally, the erection goes away.

4. PE and ED

Occasionally, PE is observed in those men who suffer from the erection problems which can also be called as Erectile dysfunction. This dysfunction happens when men can’t get erection properly and hard enough to have sex. As discussed earlier, the erection subsides ejaculation phase, so, this is quite difficult to understand the real problem if it is erectile dysfunction or the premature ejaculation. This is always advised to treat the ED first because the PE (premature ejaculation) may be cured by itself once the ED is treated properly.