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9 Ways To Last Longer In Bed

There are very many reasons why you may have a problem of ejaculating faster during sex. However, it is worth noting down that there are various methods of treatment, behavioural changes and also health tips to help you solve this problem. This article mainly looks at 9 methods to help you last longer during sex.

Try To Develop A Better Mindset If you want to last longer during sex, you should consider avoiding anxiety and having negative thoughts during sex. Most men don’t last long because they don’t have the necessary physical skills. That’s why it’s very important to try and improve your sex skills. Learning these skills allows you to develop confidence and you therefore don’t have negative thoughts during sex.

Using Condoms If you don’t last long during sex, then you should definitely consider using condoms. Condoms generally reduce sensitivity during sex and therefore increase the time you take to ejaculate. Condoms also play a major role in protecting you from various diseases that are transmitted through sex and also preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Try Slowing Down Your Pace During Sex What most men don’t know is that the faster you have sex, the higher the chances of you ejaculating quickly. It’s therefore very important to try and slow down your speed during sex. Hard and rapid thrusts mainly result in a quicker climax. Using a technique that is more measured and slow ensures that the tip of the penis is less stimulated.

1. Work it out with foreplay

Foreplay Foreplay is also another method to help you last longer in bed. It helps to improve the sexual experience in terms of both pleasure and time. Masturbation Masturbating isn’t a crime, it’s actually a healthy act that helps you in boosting your stamina and helping you last longer in bed.

Communicating With Your Partner If you want to last longer during sex, then you need to learn how to communicate with your partner. It’s very important to find out what works for both of you so that you can improve your sexual experience. A swift ejaculation is only possible if you’re completely relaxed during sex.

Treatments For Premature Ejaculation The only way to cure erectile dysfunction is to seek treatment from a good doctor. The problem may keep on recurring and the only way to completely cure it is to seek treatment. There are various prescriptions like Viagra that help you maintain and gain an erection by generally increasing the flow of blood to your penis.

2. Limit your thrusting

Behavioural Techniques Some techniques like the squeeze technique help you last longer during sex. The technique is very simple and all you have to do is squeeze the tip of your penis when you’re nearing climax.

Taking Slow Breaths The manner which you breathe during sex can determine how fast you ejaculate. It is worth noting down that before anyone reaches climax, they start breathing quickly. It’s therefore important to breathe slowly so that you can feel less aroused. Conclusion The nine tips clearly described above will help you last longer during sex so that you can have a better sexual experience. These exercises will also help you to keep yourself in good sexual shape.

3. Edging

The best way to train yourself so as to last longer during sex is to delay the organism when masturbating. It’s the most effective way and is referred to as edging.It’s the best way of preventing premature ejaculation as stated by De. Walsh. Here, you just have to take yourself to an organism edge before you stop all the masturbatory and sexual activity. You have to edge until you are in a position control your sexual excitement. To master this technique, adequate practice is necessary so as to train your brain and body to have a better control of the orgasm response; that’s according to the Emily Morse, Ph.D. who is a sex therapist. While practicing this edging technique use more of lube or lotion to prevent chafing.

4. The Squeeze

The squeeze is where, when a man feels like the orgasm is coming, they stop and just squeeze below their penis’ head. High and firm pressure has to be applied on the penis head by the use of the forefinger and the thumb. When you do that you’ll be focusing the pressure to the urethra or to the tube that runs along the penis underside. It’s an advice by Ian Kerner Ph.D. Kerner is the author of the She Comes First’ and also a sex therapist.

This squeeze method helps one to last much longer in bed; by just pushing pressure of the blood from the penis and in return reduce a person’s sexual tension. As stated by Kerner, sexual tension is an indication of ejaculatory response. According to Dr. Walsh, the squeeze is a type of biofeedback that’s same as edging.

5. Ladies first

Clitoral stimulation is a requirement by most women for them to have their orgasm during intercourse. Therefore, as you try maintaining your orgasm at bay, work on her and assist her in finding her bliss. You can either use your toy-hey, fingers or your mouth; all the three are recommended. You woman enjoying an orgasm will ease you from the pressure of lasting longer in bed, says Kerner.

6. Condom control

Condoms can the best friend for those people struggling with the premature ejaculation. Condoms must be used bro. Most companies manufacturing condoms ensures that they are made with very thick rubber. The thick rubber as a desensitizer slip-on for your partner during intercourse, says Morse.

The thick rubber condoms also help in preventing the premature ejaculation. Those who want to give this technique a try should practice using the Trojan’s Pleasures Extended that has a numbing agent to prolong sex pleasure for both partners.

7. Pills

Europe has legalized many drugs that are specifically made to help you last longer in bed, says Dr. Walsh.The only problem is that those drugs have not been approved for treatment of premature ejaculation in U.S, by the Food and Drug Administration. The question many people ask is, why? Several trials have been done on the drugs and they have proved to be beneficial for those suffering from premature ejaculation. Dr. Walsh tries to answer the question by stating how FDA has set up high bar for any drug that is used in treating any non-life threatening condition. Researches have provided some evidence on how certain antidepressants can aid in delaying of orgasm-Paxil, or the paroxetine. The antidepressants have proved effective but they have side effects like mood changes effect. These drugs should not be used unless they are prescribed by a doctor, Dr. Walsh says. The drugs should therefore be your last option.

8. Anesthetic wipes

A study on premature ejaculation was carried out in 2017. It was found that effects of this premature ejaculation can be reduced by applying wipes that are covered with little amount of mild anesthetic and benzocaine. The problem with this technique is that, the wipes have some unintended side effects like numbing the vagina of your partner, says Dr. Samadi David who is a NYC-based Urologist. You should therefore not opt for this technique yet.

9. Ask an expert

If you have exhausted all the techniques for a better sex in vain, it’ high time for you to visit a doctor, says Dr. Walsh. Many of the treatment techniques that have ben discussed above are very challenging and needs a specialist doctor to effectively guide on how to apply them. Dr. Walsh recommends that you should request your doctor to refer you to an urologist.

An urologist can help you solve the problem himself or refer you to the best person who can help you with your problem. He adds that the right doctor will help you in approaching the issue both pragmatically and practically. Solving premature ejaculation is not just being in touch with inner self.It involves studying the mental and physical mechanisms, which will enable you avoid this problem of premature ejaculation.