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Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Untimely discharge is a standout amongst the most well-known sexual dysfunctions in men. As per a broad audit that was distributed in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, around 30 percent of men will manage some type of untimely discharge in their life.

Untimely discharge (PE) can effectively affect a man’s confidence, connections, and his or his accomplice’s general personal satisfaction.

Fortunately, PE is additionally a standout amongst the most effectively treatable sexual conditions. Throughout the following couple of sections, we will audit the conceivable things you can do to avert PE. In any case, first how about we clarify precisely what PE is.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

The meaning of untimely discharge fluctuates between various specialists. The formal meaning of PE is: “discharge which happens inside one moment of infiltration and a failure to postpone discharge on all or about every vaginal entrance.”

In any case, we, in the same way as other sex specialists like to characterize untimely discharge as discharge that happens before a man or his accomplice wishes to, regardless of whether it goes on for over a moment.

The 4 Types of Premature Ejaculation

Most men are ignorant of the way that there are four unique sorts of untimely discharge: deep-rooted, procured, variable and subjective. This implies a few men experience the ill effects of PE from their first sexual experience and some ‘secure’ it at a later stage throughout everyday life; for some it happens reliably and for some lone on specific events; and there are a few men who have ordinary ejaculatory control yet at the same time think they experience the ill effects of PE.

You can read more about the four unique sorts of PE here. Also, in the event that you don’t know regardless of whether you have PE you can attempt our online untimely discharge diagnostics device.

Fortunately, each of the four kinds of PE can be dealt with! Be that as it may, to see how to avert untimely discharge, we first need to comprehend what causes it.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation

Untimely discharge could be caused by various basic reasons. While for most PE patients these reasons stay obscure, the final product is the same: Men who experience the ill effects of PE have a constrained capacity to distinguish their ‘final turning point’ – meaning they don’t remember they are going to precede it’s past the point of no return. This keeps them from having the capacity to control their discharge and enhance their sexual stamina.

You can consider creating an ejaculatory control like figuring out how to stroll on a rope. Envision attempting to figure out how to stroll on that rope without having the capacity to feel when you are going to fall. You will presumably not have the capacity to do that for over a couple of moments, so you can never enhance your adjust and quality. PE is the same. For some basic reason, men with PE can’t recognize the emotions and sensations they encounter before climax until the point when it is past the point of no return.

All in all, what would you be able to do to enhance your capacity to recognize the ‘final turning point’ in time?

Halting Premature Ejaculation Using Behavioral Sex Therapy Exercises

Since PE is caused by a restricted capacity to distinguish the ‘final turning point’, the inquiry is: what would you be able to do about it? The appropriate response is conducted sex treatment works out.

Conduct sex treatment practices are unique masturbation or full infiltration practices that are intended to show men with PE to better distinguish their ‘final turning point’, and a short time later utilize this capacity while preparing to postpone climax.

Amid the activity, you will work on recognizing your ‘final turning point’ and afterward drawing out the time until discharge. In each activity, you or your accomplice will animate your penis until the point when your excitement level nearly comes to the ‘final turning point’. At that point, you should stop the incitement so your excitement level will go down. Once you’re casual, proceed with incitement. You should rehash this procedure a few times. With training, the time until the point that discharge will increment and your control will move forward.

There are two regular techniques which are utilized as a part of the activities:

  1. The Squeeze Technique – In this strategy, the patient is told to stop the incitement and perform a firm crush on the glans penis.
  2. The Stop-Start Method – Using this strategy, similar to its name proposes, the patient basically stops the incitement and sits tight for the excitement level to go down.

The treatment convention incorporates various advances and contains distinctive incitement systems and additionally positions. Each progression gives a higher incitement level than the one preceding. The pace in which you advance between the activities changes between individual to individual.

Toward the finish of the treatment you ought to have the capacity to last more, and to control your discharge basically by bringing down and expanding the incitement’s quality and speed. Much the same as a man without PE does.

Who Is This Right For?

Despite the fact that it is our most loved type of treatment, conduct treatment may at present not suit all men. Here is a rundown of its upsides and downsides.


  • Results require some serious energy and exertion – It requires some serious energy (for the most part between 4-12 weeks) and exertion. From our experience, not all men will put the exertion. In any case, if PE is something that you genuinely need to survive, we trust you would think that its beneficial.
  • Care might be required – It is vital to know when is the ideal time to move between the activities for the treatment to appropriately work. An individual treatment design made and managed by a sex treatment proficient is the most ideal approach to pick up comes about.


  • Long haul arrangement – The fundamental favorable position of conduct sex treatment practices is that they give a long haul arrangement. Via preparing yourself you get another capacity. Numerous men observe this to be amazingly fulfilling.
  • Can enhance your relationship – If treatment is finished with an accomplice (not required) it can possibly unite the couple, enhance the relationship and increment closeness.
  • Powerful – These activities have been being used by sex specialists as an essential treatment choice for PE for more than 5 decades. Various investigations have demonstrated their adequacy. This ongoing 2006 examination demonstrates a 8.5 increment in term of intercourse for PE patients. Unconstrained sexual coexistence – You won’t be subject to any meds or external materials. This additionally enables you to appreciate a tranquil and unconstrained sexual coexistence.

Where can you get treatment

In case you wish to have a treatment plan based on an exercise you can book an appointment with a nearby sex therapist. For you to get a sex therapist, you can search online for the therapists, counselors and American Association of sexuality educators website.

You can also sign up for the online PE program which is a self –treatment exercise. This program was created was created with the assistance of the famous sex therapist Dr. ZVi Zuckerman. It is possible to learn about this program here.

Dealing with PE

Sex therapy has been seen to be the most effective way that can assist one to improve ejaculation, without depending on the use of supplements. It is good to know that there are other solutions that can assist men to deal with the issue of PE.

Prescription painkillers and anti-depressants

You can get some off- labeled painkillers and anti-depressants that can be used by people who are suffering from PE. Off-labeling refers to the idea of taking the opportunity of the side-effects of a certain drug that is manufactured to treat a certain problem so that you can treat another problem.

Some of the common disadvantages of this drugs are that one will lose his sexual desire and delayed ejaculation. Some men may not be willing to take the psychiatric pills, although they can be the best option.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Effective – In some cases, you find these drugs to be more effective. If you are using them and you do not experience any side-effects, then it is good to use them.
  • Easy – The best benefit is that you do not need a lot of effort to use the drugs. Once you visit the doctor, you will have to take the drug as per the instructions.


  • Expensive – The drugs can be expensive to be acquired.
  • Short-term solution – The drugs will not treat the PE problem, as when you see taking them you, your PE will return.
  • Can have some side effects – These drugs do have side effects such as reduced Libido, drowsiness, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

Where can you get treatment

Since this drugs need one to get a prescription, you must schedule an appointment with a legal doctor that is a sex therapist.

Desensitizing sprays, condoms and creams

Another solution that has been seen to lower the ejaculatory problem is the use of numbing materials. These materials are in form of cream and sprays which one applies to his penis.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages that can assist you to know if the desensitizing materials that many men use are the best for you:


  • Effective – many desensitizing materials have in many cases seen to be effective. These materials have been seen to be on the market for many years. These materials have been proved to assist men to last more than 6 times longer than they used to.
  • Faster results – it is an easy and faster solution compared to the drugs mentioned above as it does not need any prescription.


  • Less enjoyment – it is obvious that the material numbs the penis and in turn, you will not be able to enjoy to the maximum. Some men do try to satisfy their partner before they are satisfied themselves and feel that this is a small issue.
  • Spontaneity loss – It is recommended that you put on the material to your penis while it is flaccid about 15 minutes before it penetrates.
  • May number your partner – when you wear the material you may numb your partner once the penis has penetrated the vagina. It is good for one to ensure that material has been put on well before one has sex.
  • Difficult to use – Getting the appropriate dosage to use is not an easy thing. You will also find that if you do not apply enough it will work well and also if you apply excess you may not enjoy sex, it may also limit your ability to erect.
  • Short term solution – It is good for you to know that this is a short-term solution, once you stop to use it you will still have premature ejaculation.

Where can get treatment

You can buy the condoms, creams, desensitizing sprays in a registered pharmacy without getting a prescription from the doctor.

Tips on What to Look Out for

Some of the improper things that men with premature ejaculation normally do are: PE is without a doubt one of the common issues that many men are facing nowadays, but they do find it embarrassing, thus they shy away from taking this issue with an expert. Many people do advise men to look online for the best advise, you should be cautious as you may also find misleading information. Some of the wrong advice that you should be careful about is:

Depending on the second round

It is common to masturbate before you have sex or have more than one orgasm during coitus. Also, you will find that some men can be able to last for a long period of time especially during the second round. The only problem with this idea is that it lasts for a short time. The older a man gets, the longer time he will take to have an erection after he has ejaculated.

From our analysis, we have come to find out that most of our clients are old men who relied on the second round and they decided to treat the problem when they realized that they could not get the second round as quickly as they needed.

Attempting to do various sex positions

It has been proven that it will be easier for a man to control the ejaculation if he tried different sex positions. In case one suffers from premature ejaculation, depending on different sex positions in solving the problems will not make sense.

It is good that you try these sex positions after you have treated the ejaculation problem.

Taking illegal drugs

It is good for you to know taking drugs cannot be a long-term solution. If you take illegal drugs or consume excess alcohol you will definitely endanger your health, it is good that you avoid it. These drugs give you a false impression and in time you may worsen your issue. When you drink alcohol you may lose the sensation and the feelings of your partner.


Premature ejaculation is one of the common sexual dysfunction among men and one should not be afraid of. The best thing is that this sexual dysfunction can be treated. For one to get a long-term solution for the premature ejaculation she must do some sex therapy exercises.

You can learn to do these exercises by using this method through an online PE program or seeking the assistance of a sex therapist. There are also some short-term solutions such as pills and desensitizers.