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A Smart Woman = A Scary Woman?

dumbguyDo not get me wrong. You can be smart, men like that. However, only as long as you are not more intelligent that your boyfriend. Because apparently, being too smart is scary for them.

Wait, what? Right now, you are probably beginning to feel just a little angry. And we totally understand. Because your intelligence is something you are born with and something you would not want to give up on even for a prince, right?

Problematics of perceived attractiveness

A study which focused on the problematics of perceived attractiveness (meaning, what men think they would like about a woman), found out that although men said that they would like to date a woman who is intelligent, when they were given an actual opportunity, they simply felt less masculine. And they showed no interest.

So what is that? is it just this paticular group of guys, or is it all of them? Well, we do believe that there are also those who have high self-esteem and are not brought down by a woman who is more intelligent than them. So, where are they?