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The Reasons Why Guys Like Autumn

lazy-girl-lookGirls, you are perhaps depressed that the summer is gone and you can no longer wear all the awesome maxi skirts and maxi dresses, but the fact is, you are alone.

Because guys, are apparently loving this autumn! Why? Let me explain.

Try to replace shorts with yoga pants!

With the weather no longer being hot and everything being rather depressing, your looks and outfits start to change slowly. You replace shorts with yoga pants, you start wearing hoodies, and your hairstyle becomes also a little bit different. Well, although this is the way you are trying to tell the world that you do not care, guys actually love it even more than when you try.

First, you become more natural. Especially when you just wear your hair messy and no makeup on your face. Or, that autumn dark make up that they love as well!

Or the fact that finally, when the bikini season is over, you are enjoying the food more! No more strict dieting! Let´s order pizza for dinner instead!

And also, the fact that you are more keen to staying at home and watching movies than you are during summer, when you rather spend the evenings on the beach or simply out.