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Category Archives: Love is in the air!

Why Is Having A Dog Better Than Having A Relationship

Some people say that puppy love is stronger than people love. And to be honest, it could be the truth. Have you ever though how easy life would be if instead of having a boyfriend or a girlfriend we were having dogs? Imagine all your

The Rock Surprised His Friend With Wedding

How would it make you feel if your role model was to officiate your wedding? Surprised? Thrilled? Excited? Probably. What if you did not know about your wedding up until five minutes before it was to begin? Well, girls would not like it. But I

The Word Mother And Its Meaning

The word we learn to say first, or the word that most of us learn to say first is definitely “mother”. Or maybe mom, mommy, or something like that. The meaning, however, does not change. At least, not while we are children. But as the

Sad? This Will Cheer You Up!

Are you feeling low? Well, we all have worse days from time to time. Life is like that, once you are up and once you are down. We all know that such a depression can last for a really long time and sometimes can have

The Normal Family

There are a lot of arguments these days about what a true family should look like. Often, the family is presented as a unit formed by a dad, a mum, and a couple of children. But we all know, that the world is very different

Happy Ever After? Or Not?

Well, well, well. And we all thought weddings to be flawless. Didn´t we? After watching this video, you will probably never look at the marriage the same way you did before. Suggestion, do not watch if you are about to get married, because some of