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Dirty Sex Doesn’t Exist

Or does it?

What exactly is dirty sex? Is it something inappropriate or something we simply do not like doing? Well, to be honest, is it difficult to decide what is and what is not dirty about sex, right? While some people may think that dirty sex is this, others may disagree and think that dirty sex is that. Well, who can decide which opinion is the right opinion? And can we even do that?

Who should decide on this? Well, let’s think about it together, shall we?

First of all, you should not let this opinion affect you or your decisions. If you like something other people do not like or consider dirty, you should not let that discourage you. If you and your partner like it, and it is not harming anybody else, then it is absolutely okay.

Also, you should make your own decision on this. If you think that you have some boundaries and that you do not want to do certain things, then you should not let other people and

couple-in-bed_2790666b their opinions persuade you. You and only you are in charge of what is good for you and your body and what is not. And it should stay that way.

So, does dirty sex exist? Well, it is difficult to ask this question and it really depends on you. You are in charge of your sex life and you should remember that. And if something makes people feel good and if they do it because they like it then there is no reason to call it dirty.

What is important about sex is that people do it voluntarily, because they want to do it. And it is even better if these people love each other. That way, the sex cannot be dirty!

So, do what you want to do and what you like to do and stop thinking about unimportant things. Being obsessed with what other people think is not going to help you. Just enjoy your life!