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Reap the Fruits of Better Sex in Marriage

Sex in marriage is not the same as sex you have when you are in new relationship. The first months are always the best, right? But what happens next? Well, let’s just say, it is not the same anymore. Things change, you get more comfortable with each other, perhaps you move in with each other and suddenly the spark is gone. And by the time you get married, your sex life is really not as awesome as you hoped it to be. So, what can you do?
couple-on-bed-159679Well, you should not give up! There is always something you can do in order to make your sex better! How? Just read these tips!

  1. First of all, do not get discouraged by the fact that your sex life is not as awesome as the sex life of your friend. You know, people sometimes lie in order to make themselves seem cool. So, focus on what you have and focus on what you can do in order to make it better.
  2. Communicate. If you want to do something about your sex life, you need to do it together. There is no point in you trying alone. So, talk and come up with a plan.
  3. While you are talking, discuss your fantasies. What does your partner want you to do? Start by sharing some of your secret thoughts.
  4. Make sex fun. Turn it into a game or something. You want to enjoy this transformation, right?
  5. Forget about your routine. Your routine is what is killing your sex life, most probably. Go on a holiday, or on a romantic date. Just do something differently.
  6. Watch a dirty movie together. It works!
  7. Try some of the natural aphrodisiacs. A lots of foods function as aphrodisiacs and you should definitely try them!
  8. And if this does not work, try therapy. There is no shame in asking for help. If it can save your relationship, then you should probably try it, right?

Well, we wish you good luck and we hope that you understand how important intimacy is in your relationship. Do not forget that you are a wife and a husband and not only parents. Think back, recall the times when you were so in love. Perhaps it will help you feel the same way now!