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Don’t Let Painful Female Intercourse Discourage You – Treat It!

Experiencing pain during intercourse is nothing normal. And you should definitely not get used to that!

It does not matter whether you are twenty or seventy. Painful sexual intercourse should never be okay. Sure, there are various reasons why you are experiencing pain during sex, however, none of them is okay. Well, except for the first time. But that is a different story. Apart from that, pain is bad.

Even if you are not experiencing it every time, it can damage your sexual life. The expectation of pain might become the problem for you and that can lead to sexual anxiety or vaginismus. And that is probably not something you want. So, what should you do?

Well, there are different types of pain. And you should at first determine what type of pain you are dealing with. Is it deep? Is it entry pain? Pay attention. You might need to describe the pain to yoru doctor, so that they may find out what really is your problem.

Unhooking a bra

So, of course, the first thing you need to do is visit your doctor. You will not be able to diagnose your self, but you probably know that. Just do not be scared, it will probably be nothing serious. Because every cause has a solution. And once you learn to talk about your problem, you will be able to solve the problem. So, no shame and make sure you describe it properly.

Also, the cause of the pain does not only have to be an infection or endometriosis. Menopause is often responsible for some changes in your vagina, however, your doctor will be able to help you with this problem as well.

Of course, one of the most common issues is vaginal dryness. A longer foreplay can solve this problem. Or, a lube could help.

Really, there is nothing you would not be able to handle. So quit panicking and finally start enjoying your sex life, because that is what you deserve! A painless and not painful sex!