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How To Find Out Whether He Has A Girlfriend Before It Is Too Late

signs-he-already-has-a-girlfriendDo not worry, it is not a shame if you are falling for someone who has a girlfriend. Well, supposing that you do not know about that. It happens, you know. People simply do not walk around with signs which state precisely what kind of a relationship they are in. For strangers, it is often a mystery. And it would be stupid, if the first thing to ask after being introduced was: are you single?

Do not worry, you can simply avoid that embarrassment. How? Well, let me show you the signs which will help you find out whether the person you are interested in has a girlfriend or not. Here they come:

  1. Not answering your calls. It may not happen all the time. Perhaps only when he is with her. Watch out for this!
  2. Keeping his phone hidden from you and not answering calls. Why would he do that?
  3. He has your number stored on his phone under a pseudonym.
  4. He is often not available. Especially during weekends!
  5. And, he is not available during holidays either.
  6. The only place where you meet is your apartment.
  7. You do not know any of his friends or family.
  8. You do not spend that much time together.
  9. When you are on a date, you usually end up in some small restaurant where there´s no one else but you two.
  10. You do not have him as a friend on Facebook. I know, this is lame, but if he keeps saying that he does not have an account, you should perhaps check it out. You will be surprised by what you might find.

So? Does your boyfriend do any of these? Well, you should perhaps check it out. And talk to him openly. If he does not have a wife or a girlfriend, then what´s his problem?