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The Types Of Dates That Guys Hate

types-of-dates-most-men-hateOkay, at first, let´s make it clear. We are not talking about every single guy. It may be possible that your boyfriend are going to be perfectly fine with any of the date that I am listing below, however, it is very unlikely. Just so you know.

And, the problem with these dates is, that guys are not really against them, they are,in fact, willing to suffer these types of dates, however, they can hardly enjoy a date like these.

So what are the dates that you should avoid planning?

  1. Hike – just do not try this one at the beginning of a relationship when you are supposed to get to know each other.
  2. Art galleries – there are few, very few guys who enjoy spending an afternoon listening about art and look at it.
  3. Opera – not everybody can appreciate it.
  4. Same applies to ballet, and museums.
  5. Also dance clubs – you go to dance clubs to have fun and meet someone new, you do not go there with someone.
  6. Family celebrations.
  7. Shopping malls.
  8. Too romantic dates.

Well, that leaves you with very few options, don´t you think? Do not lose hope! Just, try to plan together and be honest about what you want to do and what you do not want to do. Enjoy your date!