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Is It Love?

How do you know whether your fresh-new relationship is real? Or, how do you know whether your feelings for the person you are dating are something more than just affection? Well, here are some signs that might help you determine whether the things that you are feeling are real love! Good luck!

  1. You think about your future with him and you have already discussed it together. To make it clear, it does not have ot mean planning a family or children, it can be a summer holiday!
  2. You like living together. And you see that it is working. If this works, then we do not see any reason why your relationship should not!
  3. You know how to communicate with each other and in fact, it is pretty easy.
  4. You have that secure feeling when you are with your partner.
  5. You are not thinking about anybody else. You do not see the reason why.
  6. You care about his wellbeing and basically about everything!
  7. He shows you his love and lets you know how great you are.
  8. You come first. Always. And so does he.
  9. He is supporting you and he is always trying to make your relationship better.
  10. Also, he is trying to encourage you to improve!

This man is a keeper!