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When Your Friends Get Engaged

engagementEverybody around you is getting engaged. And you are nearly the last person who is still single. And the last thing you want to be listening to is your friends talking about their engagement or the proposal. Well, you are not the last or the only one on this planet. There are many women with the same problem as you have. Well, it really is not a problem, because you should not feel bad about it. Being single is your decision and they should accept it. Therefore, if your friends come telling you about the fact that they got engaged, try telling them these things:

  1. The first thing you can ask them is how they know that he is the one. They will not like your question, but it will make them think.
  2. You can tell them that they will not last if you honestly think so. But keep in mind that it may mean the end of your relationship.
  3. Now, when it comes to the ring, just say what you think. If it is too big, you can suggest that it cannot be real and if it is too small, you can say that it is ugly.
  4. You can tell her that you liked her old boyfriend better, but do not do it in front of her fiancé.