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Are You Cheating?

Do you think that cheating is quite obvious? Well, you might be mistaken. It may not be so easy to find out whether you yourself are cheating on your partner. The thing is, sometimes you may be cheating although you may not even know about it.

Let´s have a look at some situations that you may find yourself in which may be considered as cheating. Perhaps you will be surprised!

  1. If you say to another man about your relationship problem, it may be considered as cheating. Just think about it, you would probably not like it if your partner did the same thing, right?
  2. If you check out your ex´s Facebook page, that may also be consiered as cheating.
  3. If a man buys you a drink and you accept it then you are cheating. Well, would you like your boyfriend to buy another woman a drink?
  4. If you take another man to your favourite restaurant or spot.
  5. If you give another man a compliment.