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Is it Safe to Use Spanish Fly?

Have you ever heard of Spanish Fly? It is famous aphrodisiac that is said to work magic!

Well, it used to be an aphrodisiac. Today, it is no longer used. Actually, it is forbidden.

Let me tell you something about this aphrodisiac. It was made of insects, or of cantharidin, which is made of dry, crushed insects. However, cantharidin is basically a poison and all that it does is that it irritates genitals and this led to people believing that it actually helped them get aroused. But the truth is that this irritation was dangerous and that the side effects of this aphrodisiac were catastrophic. Also, it did not really work, so people were risking their lives when using Spanish Fly for nothing. And that is rather sad.


So, if you are asking whether it is safe to use Spanish Fly or not, then the answer will be absolutely not. However, there are other products today, which bear the same name, however, with different composure.

One of such products is Spanish Fly LOVE. It is a great aphrodisiac for women which, unlike the original Spanish Fly works! And do not worry, the only thing this aphrodisiac has in common with the original Spanish Fly is the title. The composure is absolutely different. Spanish Fly LOVE is an aphrodisiac made of natural ingredients, among which is maca – a herb which works as a natural aphrodisiac. That is why this great product has no side effects and can be used safely everyday. That is right!

Plus, Spanish Fly LOVE is suitable for any woman of any age. So, it can easily cure the symptoms of your menopause.

But, anyway. What does Spanish Fly do? It helps with vaginal dryness, it improves the libido and it can eve heal low libido permanently!

So, if any of these are your problem, then you will definitely need to buy this aphrodisiac! Because it is not only great but also easy to use! Just a few drops mixed with any drink and you will never feel the same.

Well, now you probably know what the answer to the question whether it is good to use Spanish Fly is, right?