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Struggle with our sex life

My boyfriend and I had been struggling with our sex life since we first got together. At first, it didn’t bother me so much. I loved him for who he was, I loved everything else about our relationship. But we started dating in our early twenties, and of course, when you’re that young it’s hard not to want to have sex at least some of the time.

We definitely tried, more than once, but it always seemed to end in embarrassment for him because he always had one of two issues: either he struggled with premature ejaculation, or delayed ejaculation. There was never any kind of ‘happy medium’, and while he always wanted to make sure I was satisfied, I really couldn’t be either way. When he ejaculated prematurely, it was often just after a few minutes, and I wasn’t anywhere close to being finished. With his delayed ejaculation, I could feel him really trying, and getting frustrated that he couldn’t finish, and sometimes wouldn’t finish. Because I care about him, this made it hard for me to be satisfied at all.


We tried different things for a long time

We tried different things for a long time to find a solution to his problem, but it seemed like there were only options for one problem or the other, and nothing that would give him just enough reduced sensitivity to last a long time, but would still allow him to enjoy sex and eventually ejaculate without experiencing delayed ejaculation. He actually became so frustrated by all of it that he stopped researching things altogether that could possibly help, but I wasn’t so ready to give up hope.

That’s when I discovered Pelay. I’ll never forget finding it, just searching on the Internet one night. It almost sounded too good to be true; a product that would decrease his sensitivity but still allow him to enjoy sex, with no negative side effects? Without telling my boyfriend, I ordered it right away.


From the beginning He was a little hesitant to try it

He was a little hesitant to try it once it arrived, and I couldn’t blame him after everything we had been through, but eventually he decided to give it a try. It consisted of the Pelay Gel and Pelay Applier, which he used together, and told me he felt a decrease in sensitivity in just a few minutes. I had never seen him enjoy himself as much, or have so much confidence during sex than when he started using Pelay. Now, he can last up to 45 minutes whenever we have sex, without worrying about premature ejaculation. But, the Pelay Gel works so well as a lubricant for him, that he enjoys every second of it, and doesn’t have to worry about delayed ejaculation, either!

Plus, I get to enjoy all the benefits of being completely satisfied every time we have sex, not only because he can last a long time without worrying if he will finish or not, but I can tell he’s enjoying it, which gives me a confidence boost, too. Finally, we’ve discovered the best of both worlds, and our sex life has truly never been better.