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The Most Romantic Movies You Should Watch

Are you staying in on Friday night? Well, then you need a good movie to watch! A romantic one, right? Well, we might have a few ideas for you. The best ones, to be clear. All you have to do is choose one!

The Notebook – If you like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, then you will enjoy this romantic movie which portrays Southern America in 1930s.

Romeo and Juliet – the one with DiCaprio, of course.

Titanic – once again, Leo DiCaprio. Well, what can one do, right?

Chocolat – if you love chocolate, then you are definitely going to love this movie!

Breakfast at Tiffany´s – movies with Audrey Hepburn are the most romantic ones.

Wuthering Heights – Brontës are classic.

Gone With the Wind – if you really feel as if you have lost all your hopes in love, then this is the best movie for you.

Pride and Prejudice – the one with Keira Knightley.

Pretty Woman – Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are a perfect couple, are they not?

Well? What is the most romantic movie you have ever seen?