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How To Get To Know Men Online

jBg9pnF1QIaqTR-dmyZm5QOnline dating is just so difficult these days, right? The fact that you actually do not see the other person and so you practically cannot be sure that he is no psychopath, makes it all more dangerous and for some even time-wasting. Ain´t that so? Well, perhaps, but we also know that dating without dating online is nearly impossible today. And so, in order to make it all easier for you, we have these 5 online dating rules that might help you!

  1. Do not reply to a message if you simply do not feel that you want to talk to that person. Do not feel that you need to do it. No, you do not.
  2. Also, if he asks you out, you can say no. Do not let yourself get pushed into something you do not want to do. Your intuition will tell you when to go and when not to go. Trust it!
  3. And if you, by any accident, found yourself on a date that you really wish to leave, then feel free to do so. You do not owe anything to that person.
  4. Do not give the person your personal information. Whether it is your name, your job information, your address…. just don´t do it.
  5. If anything bothers you about him, let him know! Or simply stop seeing him. You cannot be seeing someone you secretly hate, right?