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The Myths About Sex

How much do you think you know about sex? Well, think again! Because we have prepared a list of myths that even you perhaps believed! Well, we actually prepared a list of debunked myths, so prepare to only read the truth!

  1. Altoids do not make oral sex better.
  2. Circumcision does not cause men to enjoy sex less.
  3. Some women can get pregnant even if they already are pregnant.
  4. The taste of semen is not affected by what men eat and drink.
  5. A penis cannot be broken during a sex.
  6. Believe it or not, women are not monogamous. Naturally.
  7. Sexual education does not encourage teenagers to have sex.
  8. You cannot guess the size of a man´s penis based on the size of his hand, shoe, or whatever.
  9. You cannot affect the sex of your child by having sex in a certain position.
  10. Birth control pills will not make you fat.
  11. The size of the penis does not affect the quality of the sex.
  12. In fact, both men and women cheat equally.
  13. If you drink soda after sex it will not prevent you from getting pregnant.