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Will You Relationship Last?

885884-1_lSo you are in a new relationship, congratulations! Would you like to know whether it will last or not? Well, who would not, right? Let´s have a look at some signs of a lasting relationship that will help you find out, shall we?

  1. If you two can laugh together, the chances are that your relationship will last. Especially, if you can laugh at things that other people may consider being a problem.
  2. If you manage to understand each other and each other´s problems, that is a good sign.
  3. If you can be in silence together, that means that you can be together all the time. Giving each other a time to think is basic.
  4. If you share goals, you will probably spend the whole life together!
  5. You know how to deal with conflicts. And you always resolve them quickly.
  6. You are willing to do everything to make your relationship work.
  7. You share everything. The good and the bad.
  8. You just care for them.

So, will your relationship last?