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The New Crush Of Your Friend

landscape-1446839404-524134925So your friend has a new crush. Awesome! Would you like to know how it is going to change your life? Well, then continue reading and you will find out.

First of all, you will be excited for your friend, like really excited, because you know that she deserves it, right? Then, you can expect to talk a lot about her crush with her. She will basically never shut up! She will tell you about how cute her crush is, about her chances and what your opinion on him is.

If you think that her chances are low, you will definitely not tell her that, but still you will feel terribly inside.

You sometimes get tired of her talking about her crush all the time. Or reading their conversation all the time. And the fact that you probably know more about that person than he knows. And you just want to scream and run and never to hear about the guy again.

However, you are a friend, so you will not do that, right?