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Brew: A Tea Pub

Brew might be coming to London soon. It should be a pub which will only serve tea during the day and tea coctails during the night. The idea behind this pub is to change the tradition. Because there are lots of people who enjoy drinking

The World Before And The World Now

The world is changing more and more every day. And so do we. Even though we do not want to admit it. We can see that the world is simply too different from what it was a few years ago. However, is the way it

Blind People: How They See Race?

You would probably think that race is just the problem of us, people who can see. But the truth is, blind people come across this problem too. Whether you believe it or not, blind people perceive race in the same way the rest of us

High-Maintenance Co-Worker

People are different, some have higher standards, some do not. It is much harder to get along with some than with others. And guess who it is harder to get along with. Low-maintenance people? No. It is especially difficult when such person is your colleague.

Thigh Gaps: Yes Or No?

Girls, if you are way too depressed because you are not skinny enough and you do not have the famous thigh gap, just do not be. There is no point in that. And honestly, how can you be so sure that having the thigh gap

Say Yes To Sydney!

And its romantic walks. Seriously, there is no place like Sydney and soon, you will find out why. If you are wondering where to go during the summer or what to do during the summer. I strongly recommend Sydney. You would look for another place

Are Placebos Working?

It is said that when you take a placebo you can actually trick your brain into producing chemicals which cause that you really feel better afterwards. Well, of course it is all just happening in our head and we cannot really rely on placebos to

Come Here All My Tall Girls!

We know that you are struggling. Because being tall sounds amazing, but in fact, there are lots of disadvantages to it. Those that no one, only tall girls understand. Situations like taking a shower, going out in high heels, picking a boyfriend that would be

Tiny Houses To Take As An Inspiration

How would you like living in a house that would be big enough to serve your purpose but also small enough, so you would have no big problem cleaning it? And it would fit anywhere! Would not that be awesome? If you are as excited

Swimsuit Through Century

Well, since the summer, the time of bikini body and everything about it is coming closer, we have prepared something for you. We know that all that you are thinking about right now is what type of bikini are you going to buy and how