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Vaginismus: Meaning and Causes

Painful sex is not something you would want, right? Well, luckily, we might know how to deal with it! There are many things that can cause pain during intercourse. Various injuries, traumas, infections, etc. However, there is one very special condition that may not be

Painful Sex

The treatments that will make you forget about painful female intercourse for good! So you are dealing with painful intercourse. That is just too bad. But you would really do anything just to make your sex life painless again, right? Well, the sad thing is

Why Does Sex Drive Diminish in Women?

And what can be done in order to bring it back! Women and low sex drive. This seems to be something very common, right? I mean, you have probably heard about low libido in women a few times or perhaps you have experienced it yourself.

Struggle with our sex life

My boyfriend and I had been struggling with our sex life since we first got together. At first, it didn’t bother me so much. I loved him for who he was, I loved everything else about our relationship. But we started dating in our early

Why Do We Eat More When We Are Drinking?

Have you noticed that you eat more when you are drinking? Well, you probably have and it is probably driving you crazy. However, there is a reason. And the sooner you know it, the better can you handle the overeating. The reason is that when

How To Do A Brain Workout

If you want your brain to work properly, then you need to exercise it just like you exercise with your muscles. Well, of course push-ups will not help your brain in any way, however, if you know which exercises you should do, then you will

Do These Things To Get Skinnier!

Getting skinnier is easier than you may actually think. If you do not believe, then you should definitely try these simple things that will help you lose weight immediately! Are you excited? Well, here they come! Start by weighing yourself. If you think that you

The Benefits of Birth Control Pill

Are you a protagonist of birth control, or would you never ever take it? Well, do not form an opinion too early. Read some basic information about this form of protection before you make the decision. I know, you have probably heard all the worst